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Jewelry manufacturers and suppliers for wholesale jewelry distributors and retailers worldwide, including wholesale gold filled jewelry, gold plated jewelry, silver plated jewelry, stainless steel jewelry and many other fashion jewellery. 

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Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49670
Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49670
USD$ 3.18 - 2.28
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Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49676
Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49676
USD$ 4.09 - 2.93
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Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49672
Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49672
USD$ 3.18 - 2.28
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Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49673
USD$ 3.18 - 2.28
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USD$ 3.18 - 2.28
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Black Gun Color Men Ring JCP49667
USD$ 3.41 - 2.45
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USD$ 3.18 - 2.28
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USD$ 3.18 - 2.28
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White Gold Filled Women Ring JCP49874
USD$ 11.36 - 8.14
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14K Gold Filled Women Ring JCP49875
USD$ 9.09 - 6.51
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USD$ 10.00 - 7.16
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such as yellow gold filled, 14k gold filled, 18k gold filled, 24k gold filled, rose gold filled and white gold (rhodium) filled jewelry. Gold filled jewelry is more and more popular as an economical alternative to solid gold since its low price and quality. There are thousands desings of gold filled jewelry listing on the site, like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and jewelry sets etc.


including different plating color, such as 14k plated, 18k plated, 18k gold plating, 24k gold plated, 24k gold plating, rose gold plated, and vacuum plating (vacuum plated), is very hot sales to imitation jewelry wholesalers.

Wholesale trendy jewelry

from China jewelry manufacturers and suppliers at factory price, free shipping worldwide, We wholesale jewellery to over 50 countries worldwide, such as United States, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Kuwait, Australia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Estonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, India, Hungary, Pakistan, Indonesia, Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Finland, France, Sweden, Fiji, Brazil, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Thailand, Chile, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Philippines, Senegal, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Norway, South Africa, Morocco, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Netherlands Antilles, Serbia, Denmark, Iran etc.
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